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About Mona

Mona Marple is a cozy mystery author and creator of the Waterfell Tweed series. A lover of fine notebooks and fluffy socks, when she isn’t creating (and killing) characters, she can usually be found curled up with a book. Based in the countryside in England, Mona lives with her husband and daughter.
About Mona
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The Circus of Mystic Springs

The Circus of Mystic Springs When the circus comes to Mystic Springs, there’s more than tricks and treats in store. A dead body, an old secret, and a witch learning to claim her powers. Can Ellie discover who the murderer is? Or should she stick to making coffee and cleaning floors? It’s a true test for her, especially when someone she loves begins to act suspiciously. Everyone has a secret in Mystic Springs, but who had the motive to kill?
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