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Mona Marple.

Hello, dear readers and fellow cozy mystery enthusiasts!

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you today! After much planning and anticipation, I am launching my very own Patreon page. You can now join me on this thrilling journey.

As many of you know, writing cozy mysteries is my passion. There’s nothing I love more than crafting charming small towns, creating endearing characters, and weaving together intricate plots that keep you guessing until the very end. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm have always been the driving force behind my stories, and now, I want to bring you even closer to the heart of my writing process.

What is Patreon?

For those who might not be familiar, Patreon is a platform that allows creators like myself to connect more intimately with our audience. By becoming a patron, you get exclusive access to content, sneak peeks, and unique opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else. It’s a way for you to support my work directly while receiving some fantastic perks in return.

Why Patreon?

I’ve always cherished the bond I have with my readers. Your feedback, messages, and reviews mean the world to me. With Patreon, I can offer you a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process and give you a front-row seat to the world of cozy mysteries. Here are some reasons why I decided to take this step:

  1. Exclusive Content: Patrons will get access to exclusive content that isn’t available to the general public. This includes early access to new book releases, unpublished short stories, and special bonus chapters.

  2. Behind-the-Scenes: Ever wondered how a cozy mystery is crafted? I’ll be sharing insights into my writing process, character development, and the inspiration behind my stories. You’ll get to see drafts, outlines, and the sometimes messy, but always exciting, creative process.

  3. Community Engagement: Patreon allows me to build a closer-knit community. I’ll be hosting Q&A sessions, live chats, and virtual book club meetings where we can discuss your favorite characters and plots.

  4. Personalised Interaction: As a patron, you’ll have the opportunity to influence my writing. Vote on character names, suggest settings, and even help shape future plots. Your voice will be an integral part of my creative journey.

What Can You Expect?

For now, I’m keeping things really simple with one free and one paid tier. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Free Supporter: Perfect for those just starting their journey into the world of cozy mysteries. You’ll get access to regular free updates!

  • Mona’s Marplets: This tier includes everything from the previous level, plus early access to new releases as I write them and the chance to be involved in shaping my plots, character names and more! Plus graphics, printables and more!

Join the Cozy Mystery Community

Your support on Patreon will allow me to dedicate more time to creating the stories you love. It will also enable me to explore new ideas, take on exciting projects, and continue to grow as an author. More importantly, it will foster a stronger connection between us, allowing me to share my journey with those who appreciate it the most.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to my books, I invite you to join my Patreon community. Together, we can explore the charming worlds of cozy mysteries, solve intricate puzzles, and enjoy the warmth and comfort that these stories bring.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this incredible journey. I can’t wait to see you on Patreon and share all the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

With gratitude and warm wishes,

Mona xoxo

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