Best Hallmark Christmas Movies for Cozy Mystery Fans

Best Hallmark Christmas Movies for Cozy Mystery Fans

If you’re like me, you’ll be looking forward to indulging your love for Hallmark Christmas movies this holiday season!

I just can’t get enough of these lighthearted films and the amazing locations they’re filmed in – they get me so excited for Christmas, I could practically burst!

I’ve been so happy to realise that a lot of cozy mystery fans are also fellow fans of Hallmark Christmas movies – it seems that the two go really well together (although I haven’t mastered the art of watching a Hallmark Christmas movie while reading a cozy mystery story… not yet!)

Here’s my list – in reverse order – of the best Hallmark Christmas moves for cozy mystery fans:

05: A Royal Christmas (2014) – I couldn’t have a list without including this, right? It’s every girl’s dream. The hunky guy you’re dating confesses that he’s actually a prince! Of course, things aren’t straightforward for Emily, who finds out that the Queen is hardly delighted that her son is dating a commoner LOL!

04: Catch a Christmas Star (2013) – I’m a sucker for second chance romances, and anything that involves children trying to set up a parent, so you can see why I like this one. Nikki Crandon may be a huge pop star, but she’s unlucky in love. Her high school sweetheart has winded up as a single dad, and when his children discover his feelings for Nikki, they hatch a plan to play cupid! So cute!

03: Christmas Under Wraps (2014) – and this film features another thing that wins me over straight away: Alaska! When Dr Lauren Brunell’s very rigid plans for her life are derailed, she takes a job in Alaska – thinking it will be a temporary respite. Cue handsome guy and you might think you know where this is going… but his dad is hiding a huge secret!

02: The Mistletoe Promise (2016) – in this one, we have two lonely strangers who hate Christmas! They decide to get through all of the holiday events together and, would you believe, find that the Christmas spirit begins to reach them…

01: A Crown for Christmas (2015) – another film featuring a temporary gig, this time it’s Allie who takes on a role as governess for a young girl and then realises she’s working for real life royalty. Of course, she starts to fall for the King – her boss! – who is set to marry a countess. Ugh, I hate it when the king I’m falling for is planning to marry a countess.

BONUS: The film I’m most looking forward to watching this holiday season is Christmas Getaway. It’s a 2017 film but I haven’t seen it yet! This one features a travel writer who takes a Christmas vacation (in an adorable log cabin!! I’ve seen the trailers LOL) but finds herself double booked with a widower, his mother and his daughter. Of course, there are no other cabins spare… I can’t wait to see how this one plays out!

Do you have a favourite Hallmark movie to recommend?

Let me know!


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