Curl Up with Mona Marple: Exclusive Look at Her Newest Cozy Mystery Covers


As an author, one of the most exhilarating aspects of my journey has been the opportunity to evolve and grow within the cozy mystery genre. Today, I am thrilled to share with you a significant chapter in my writing adventure—the redesign of my book covers, the inclusion of my real name, Katie Forrest, alongside my beloved pen name, Mona Marple, and the heartwarming story behind the name Mona Marple itself.

The Creative Genius Behind the Covers

First and foremost, let’s talk about the magic behind the book covers that capture the essence of my cozy mysteries. Mariah Sinclair, the talented cover designer I had the privilege of working with, has an innate ability to transform words into vibrant visual stories. Collaborating with Mariah has been a delightful experience that allowed me to reimagine my cozy mystery brand.

From cozy cottages nestled in quaint villages to intriguing clues hidden among tea sets, Mariah has breathed life into each of my book covers in the popular Waterfell Tweed and Christmas mysteries series. Her dedication to capturing the spirit of my stories and her meticulous attention to detail have resulted in covers that not only attract readers but also convey the heartwarming mysteries within.

Embracing Both Names: Mona Marple and Katie Forrest

One of the most significant updates to my brand is the inclusion of both my pen name, Mona Marple, and my real name, Katie Forrest. This decision was born out of a desire to establish a deeper connection with my readers and to celebrate the authenticity behind the stories I write.

While Mona Marple has been my cozy mystery alter ego for years, Katie Forrest is the woman behind the words. By combining both names, I aim to bridge the gap between the author and the reader, offering a more personal and genuine connection.

The Tale of Mona Marple: A Name with Heart

Now, let me share the heartwarming story behind the name Mona Marple. It’s a name that carries profound meaning for me, deeply rooted in my childhood and the memories I hold dear.

The “Marple” in my pen name is a homage to the wonderful memories of my youth, spent cuddled up with my mother watching the iconic Miss Marple on TV. Those evenings spent unraveling mysteries alongside the legendary character fostered my love for the cozy mystery genre. It’s a genre that has become a part of my identity as a writer, and Miss Marple herself, with her sharp wit and unerring sense of justice, has remained an enduring inspiration.

The “Mona” in my pen name holds an even more personal significance—it’s my late mother’s first name. Mona was not just a name; it represented a source of strength, wisdom, and love. By incorporating her name into my author identity, I pay tribute to the woman who instilled in me a love for books and storytelling, a deep appreciation for life’s mysteries, and the courage to pursue my dreams.

In many ways, the name Mona Marple embodies the spirit of cozy mysteries, family, and the profound influence of the women who have shaped my life.

A New Chapter Begins

As I unveil these fresh book covers adorned with both Mona Marple and Katie Forrest, I am embarking on a new chapter in my writing journey. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this exciting transformation, and I can’t wait to continue sharing heartwarming stories that bring joy and comfort to your cozy mystery loving hearts.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure, and here’s to many more cozy mysteries yet to be unraveled together!

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