Is Mystic Springs For The Faint Hearted?

Hello friends, Mona here.

I wanted to do a quick post in response to a question I received this week from a reader who is enjoying the Waterfell Tweed series but worries that Mystic Springs, my paranormal series, may be too much for her.

In response, I said that the best way to describe Mystic Springs, in my opinion, is ‘spooky not scary’.

I’m actually really not a fan of anything scary myself. I don’t read horror books, I don’t watch spooky movies and it’s quite easy for me to be kept up at night if my mind starts wandering a certain way…!

Mystic Springs features ghosts and witches, and more mystical creatures may be introduced over time

But it won’t ever be a scary series and it will never be classed as horror.

I hope that helps reassure you if you were wondering the same as the lovely reader who reached out this week.

Speak soon,

Mona x

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