LAUNCH: A Devil of a Time

A Devil of a Time Book Cover


Today’s the day! A Devil of a Time is out now.

I’m so excited for this story to be released into the world, heading out to find the eyes of hungry readers!

Being part of the Witch in Time shared worlds series has been a blast. It really has. Working alongside such amazing cozy mystery authors as Stephanie Damore, Ava Mallory, Jenna St James and K M Waller is a real treat! Those gals are as great as their books, let me tell you!

My heroine, Flick, is a reluctant witch who finds herself faced with a dilemma: she either marries a suitor she has no interest in, or she loses her family’s financial support.

Flick’s first paying gig turns out to be a mission back in time, to 1999 where she has just 5 days to solve the case of the body in the Old Bailey… with the help of Newgate, a black dog ghost who may or may not be based on a very real spirit who haunts the Old Bailey!

Flick was great fun to write, and so was the family matriarch, the all powerful Gram.

Taking a young woman and throwing her into a situation where she really has to accept her witch lineage for once and all was a lot of fun… if perhaps a bit cruel.

But, that’s what us writers do, I guess. We see what situations will be fun and interesting – and challenging! – for our dear characters, and toss them to the wolves…

I can’t wait to see what you think to this book.

You can get your copy now.

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