A Devil of a Time (A Witch In Time Book 2)

Felicity must choose…

…live a normal life and be cut off…

…Or embrace her powers.

Her decision gets harder when her Grandmother arranges for her to marry a powerful wizard. If she’s going to avoid that disaster, she’ll need to find a job…and that’s where everything changes.

At the Agency of Paranormal Peculiarities, they need investigators. Felicity is perfect for the job, but there’s just one catch, she’ll need to use the powers she’s been trying to avoid. Is giving up her dream of a normal life worth it?

Can she learn to embrace who she is?

Will the decision get her in over her head?

Sent back in time to 1999, she must solve a murder at the Old Bailey. This one will be a challenge and there’s a catch, she’s got just seven days to solve it.

You’ll love this story because of the struggle and the twists.

Get it now.

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