The Ghosts of Mystic Springs (Mystic Springs Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

Why be normal when you can be paranormal?

Welcome to Mystic Springs, where things definitely go bump in the night.

As the town’s medium, Connie Winters is the only person who can see the ghosts who call Mystic Springs home.

When young temptress Lola is killed, the dead Mayor and the dead Sheriff are determined to investigate.

Since they’ve never been replaced with live counterparts, they’d better get on with it. But they need Connie’s help. And if Connie’s helping, her sister Sage is going to get involved too - she’s beautiful, slim, and twenty years dead.

Connie must battle her own inner demons in order to believe she’s capable of succeeding. But she has no idea what she’s up against, because when your life has been destroyed, you have nothing left to lose.

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