The Witches of Mystic Springs

It’s a school reunion to die for.

Welcome to St Winifred’s, a magic school with an unpopular headmaster who won’t survive the night.

With a storm raging over the choppy waters, and the Magick Squad too worried about Health & Safety to come out and investigate, it’s down to the guest of honour to investigate the murder.

Violet Warren has no idea that the evening is a celebration of her achievements. Not that it matters, since a dead body takes centre stage before she’s given her award.

She and Ellie Bean form an unlikely amateur sleuth duo, with three clues to help them solve the case… or not.

One of their fellow guests is a murderer, and it’s down to them to find out who in this closed room cozy mystery.

The Witches of Mystic Springs is book five in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mystery series. These titles can be read in any order and this book especially is an ideal place to start the series. Mystic Springs books are clean, fun and safe from swearing, sexual scenes, and violence. Play detective alongside the characters and see if you can work out whodunnit.

What Readers Are Saying About Mystic Springs:

“I like the town and the characters - I definitely want to read more.” - darcysmom

“A dream team of mystery solvers!” - Linda Allison

“A fun story with likable characters” - leta

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Mystic Springs books!!” - Kindle Customer

“Great fun and a good entry into the world of Mystic Springs” - Dave Horton

“Perfect for the fun mystery genre” - Hmmmmm

“Fun ghostly mystery” - Kindle Customer

“One of those ‘hit the ground running’ type of tales. Captured my imagination right off, and refused to let go or even budge until the last page. Can’t wait for more!” - Dennis Moore

“Mona Marple does not disappoint” - Sandra Schlichter

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