Meet Coco!

Welcome to the family, Coco!

Well, hello.

Today I want to introduce you to someone: Coco!

Coco is our new Labradoodle puppy. She moved in a few weeks ago and is four months old (and growing every day!)

She’s a really sweet pup with a very gentle nature. My daughter adores her. She loves being with us and she curls up close while I write. She loves to play fetch and explore the forest.

It’s really lovely heading out into nature with her each day. I tend to walk her in the fields nearby in the morning, then I write and she sits with me, we head off to the forest for a long lunch walk, and then we do a lap around the streets before bed.

She did have a really sensitive stomach when we got her and the vet says that’s really common for Labradoodles. In fact, she said she’d never seen a Labradoodle that didn’t have a sensitive stomach! Fortunately that seems to have cleared up with some antibiotics and a hypo-allergenic dry kibble.

She’s so big already! I joke that she needs to start doing her share of the washing up, since she can reach the sink!

Oh… and she’s a hole digger! She’s dug three big holes in the garden so far and she likes to bury her toys in them. It’s pretty cute actually, how she’s making spaces to hide her things in. I guess we’ll worry about the state of the lawn in the spring!

That’s all for now!

Mona x

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