Mona Marple’s Birthday Sale Extravaganza!

Mona Marple's Birthday Sale Extravaganza

​I’m so excited to share my birthday with you this year!

For a while, I’ve been thinking about how I really have everything I want: wonderful friends and family, great books to read, and fluffy socks to wear while I read! In fact, unless I can get some beautiful snow to fall for my birthday, there really isn’t anything I can think of asking for.

And so, instead, I reached out to some of the cozy mystery authors I know and love and asked if we could put together something remarkable for YOU.

Of course, they said yes, because cozy mystery authors are the best people in the world. Generous, kind, funny, and full of creative ways to kill their enemies! Hoorah!

I’m announcing the Mona Marple Birthday Sale Extravaganza!

A weekend of discounted and free cozy mystery books for you to indulge in as a way of joining my birthday celebrations.

Here are some very special deals for you to enjoy!

99c Books:

The entire Mona Marple library will be 99c for this special event! Yes, every single book and box set of mine will be just 99c each!

My wonderful friends have these amazing items on sale:

99c only on 8 December 2019:

Free Books:

Free on 7 December 2019 only:

Free on 8 December 2019 only:

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