The Santa Claus of Mystic Springs (Mystic Springs Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

What if Father Christmas is on the naughty list?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Mystic Springs, but all is not still or calm with the department store Santa.

The amateur dramatics club is full of big egos and legends-in-their-own-heads, so their spats aren’t unusual. But when the theatre owner is shot dead during the Christmas play, it’s Santa who pulls the trigger.

With the arrival of an unwelcome ex, a petition to end Discrimination Against Spirits, and a second attack by St Nick, the chances of a quiet Christmas seem to be quickly disappearing.

Has Santa really gone bad? Or is there more to it?

Town medium Connie and her dead sister Sage are both avoiding their own festive conundrums. A mistletoe murder is just the distraction they need.

The Santa Claus of Mystic Springs is book four in the Mystic Springs Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series, where the living and the dead work together to solve crime. Spooky, not scary, this is a cozy series with no swearing, violence or sex scenes. Each book can be read as a standalone or read in order.

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